Fact – returnable transit packaging can reduce packaging costs

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Our unique Rapitainer returnable reusable pallet pack can yield savings over single trip corrugated packaging after just a few trips and ...

WITH RENTAL OPTIONS STARTING AT JUST PENCE PER WEEK - our products deliver significant reductions in overall transit packaging and storage costs.






We have served customers ranging from SME's to retail plc's. We strive to clearly understand your transit packaging needs and logistics operations in order to provide the most suitable solutions and maximise cost reductions.
Returnable transit packaging can do much more than reduce overall packaging costs.


Returnable packaging can:

  • Enhance compliance with Packaging Waste Directives
  • Reduce corrugated packaging waste output and landfill
  • Reduce non-productive waste management costs
  • Reduce Environment Agency reporting requirements
  • Enhance perceptions of corporate environmental awareness


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