Corruloc 2, 3 and 4

Flush fitting, easy to use interlocks for a range of corrugated boards


Corruloc 2

Inserted into 40mm by 60mm rectangular apertures in the two boards to be connected, a simple quarter turn closes the boards together. Virtually flush on outer and inner surfaces, a cam action ensures no fouling on the rear panel whilst closing and offers excellent feedback to the operator when the device is closed.

The front plate on these devices is designed to take up to 2mm tolerance in panel thickness.

Corruloc 2 is for use in 8-10mm combinations of boards such as EB/EB.

Corruloc 3 is for use in 13-15mm combinations of boards such as BC/BC or BA/BA.

Corruloc 4 is for use in 19-21mm combinations of boards such as CA/CA or AA/AA.





An innovative method to construct corrugated pallet collars


Corruclip provides a method of constructing corrugated pallet collars and snap fits into apertures in a collar in seconds – reducing assembly costs over riveted corner hinge methods of collar fabrication.

Manufactured in tough polypropylene, corruclip provides robust and secure location collar to pallet and collar to collar.

Corruclip can be used to construct four panel and six panel bi-fold collars. The collars can be formed from a single piece of folded corrugated board, and so retain maximum stacking performance.

Corruclip further allows for the construction of any height collar without limitation through to full height sleeves.





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