General Purpose Reusable Cases



Returnable, Reusable, Recyclable

Manufactured in fluted polypropylene plastic, Maxim’s innovative general purpose cases offer superb product protection and high levels of return for reuse which can yield significant savings compared to one trip corrugate boxes.



Filled case ready for closing


Case being closed with self locking tabs


Tabs secured neatly, away from goods

Maxim’s cases can be closed or opened in seconds by simply inserting or disengaging locking tabs.

With other ‘locking tab’ cases on the market, tabs can foul the packed goods. Maxim’s cases feature an ingenious locking solution to eradicate that problem - the locking tabs feed into a cavity between two layers of material and so are neatly tucked away from the goods inside.

With this closing method applied to the top and bottom of these cases, they can be flat packed, require no tape and once closed are totally secure in transit.

Maxim’s cases can offer significant savings compared to ever replaced one trip corrugate packs, along with reductions in corrugate packaging waste and landfill.

At end of life the product is 100% recyclable with no separation of materials.


General Purpose Packaging Solutions