Maxitainer® Returnable Palletainer



Maxitainer is manufactured in lightweight yet superbly robust polypropylene twin flute plastic sheet. The product is therefore weatherproof and offers high levels of product protection. Maxitainer can be universally adopted onto any timber or plastic pallet. Being extensively reusable, Maxitainer can deliver significant reductions in overall transit packaging and storage costs.

Manufactured from a lightweight yet superbly robust heavy duty grade of twin flute polypropylene extruded sheet, Maxitainers are extremely robust and can do in excess of 100 trips at a cost per trip from £1.00 pence to as little as 50 pence, for at least one customer who has reported 200 trips.

Maxitainer comes in four sizes - 1200/800/800 high, 1200/1000/1000 high, 1200/800/1260 high and 1200/1000/1260 high. Bespoke variants can be provided.



Maxitainer features large, low edge drop gates for optimised access.


Maxitainers can be used to efficiently return and store flat packed units.


Maxitainer has no bottom tray ensuring no possibility of water ingress.


If your business uses palletainers, Maxitainer can:

  • Reduce transit packaging costs by better than 75%
  • Reduce environment impact
  • Improve protection for products in transit
  • Reduce non-productive corrugated waste management costs
  • Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility


If your business could benefit from making the switch to returnable transit packaging, we will free of charge and without expectation, analyse your logistics and let you know what you could save