Maxitainer Cost Savings Case Study



A cost saving alternative to single trip corrugate

With low purchase costs, or rental from just pence per week, reusable transit packaging (RTP) supplied by Maxim Solutions is providing real savings for real customers, right now.

A year after adopting Maxim’s RTP, Bullen Healthcare Ltd. have saved £120K on packaging costs - a 10 fold ROI.



Cost Reduction using Maxitainer

Richie Bell (Bullen Healthcare Ltd. Warehouse Manager) explains

We are very glad we made the switch to Maxim’s reusable Maxitainer and we are projecting much greater savings than we anticipated. We were confident we would see savings from eliminating the ever present cost of single trip corrugate and the cost of disposing of it - in regard of that, Maxitainer paid for itself within a month. However, we also saw savings in the change from parcel rates to pallet rates and in the reduction in pallet trips per week from our main DC to our satellite outlets (from 5 down to 3), due to the more efficient packing available from Maxitainer as compared to a similar height of corrugate boxes. From an investment of just over £12K we should see savings in excess of £120K which is a remarkable ROI. Richie Bell

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