Rapitainer® - Returnable Transit Boxes



Designed to replace 0201 corrugated cardboard single trip boxes, Rapitainer returnable transit boxes feature a unique and innovative tapeless closure which streamlines packing and eliminates taping and tape residue. At end of life, Rapitainers are 100% recyclable and Maxim offers a certificated recycling service. This ensures there is no waste or landfill and provides optimised CSR for your business. Tamper evidence is provided by inserting simple ties or seals.

Manufactured from a lightweight yet superbly robust heavy duty grade of twin flute polypropylene extruded sheet, Rapitainers are extremely robust. Each box will support in excess of 100 kg and can do in excess of 100 trips, at a cost per trip from 15 pence to as little as 7 pence.

Compared to an equivalent corrugated cardboard box at around £1.50 and even after factoring the cost of return for reuse, most customers will see a better than 75% saving.



Flat packed Rapitainer boxes on pallet


Erected Rapitainer boxes being stacked.


Collapsed Rapitainers being returned for reuse in larger Rapitainer units


If your business is using lots of corrugated cardboard boxes you could stand to save a fortune. Maxim’s RTP can:

  • Reduce transit packaging costs by better than 75%
  • Reduce environment impact
  • Improve protection for products in transit
  • Reduce non-productive corrugated waste management costs
  • Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility


If your business could benefit from making the switch to returnable transit packaging, we will free of charge and without expectation, analyse your logistics and let you know what you could save